The History Of The Legend...

 The first trio of "THE SUPREMES" consisted of Florence,
Ballard, Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson.  In 1967 Florence
left the group and was replaced by Cindy Birdsong.
Diana Ross departed in 1970 and Jean Terrell
replaced her.  In 1971 Lynda Laurence was
chosen to replace Cindy.  In 1973 both Jean and
Lynda departed, Cindy returned and Scherrie Payne
became the trio's final lead singer.  In 1976 Cindy
was replaced by the final Supreme Susaye Greene.
June 12th 1977 The Supremes (Scherrie Payne, Mary
Wilson, and Susaye Greene) performed their final
farewell performance and the Supremes
were officially disbanded.

The Supremes
Top Row (L-R): Florence Ballard, Scherrie Payne, Diana Ross, Susaye Greene
Bottom Row (L-R): Lynda Laurence, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell

  The photo above is from the cover of The Supremes "20th Anniversary" album released by Motown Records in 1981.  It details the eight ladies who recorded and performed in the legendary trio from 1962-1977.  No other individuals can truthfully claim to be a member of The legendary Motown recording group,. THE SUPREMES


The above artwork is from the 2011 Supremes' release "Let Yourself Go, The 70's Albums, VOL. 2: 1974-1977. THE FINAL SESSIONS,




 "The Supremes Family Tree"
( a photo history )