July 10, 2012 - From the desk of Steve Weaver: "SUPREMELY YOURS II"

I'm pleased to bring us all some very good news about the forthcoming CD. The working title was 'Supremely Yours II' and we've decided to keep it as the official title for several reasons. Firstly, from the beginning I wanted to keep the project very similar in style to Supremely Yours I which was released in 1995 (where the heck has the time gone?!!) some SEVENTEEN years ago! Of course we did a lot of recording and issued several compilation CD's after that, but Supremely Yours holds a very special place in my heart. On the subject of SY1 - I've been approached about the possibility of making a double CD (after Supremely Yours II has been released) that will contain both albums. I think that could be really nice, but priority no. 1 is producing SYII as a totally separate release first.

So it all really kicks off at the end of next month when I fly out to LA to record all the vocals. Just like SY1 it will be a 15 track collection and contain an alternative mix of one of the songs. I don't want to give any of the titles away yet, but I will say that Scherrie, Lynda & Joyce will be paying homage to a couple of artists who've passed in the last 15 years that they all either knew or admired. We're all really excited about pulling all the threads together - I shudder to think how many emails and phone calls have passed between myself/Scherrie/Lynda/Joyce/David & Eric since the end of August last year when I started work on the very first track and SYII was conceived. The song selection has been a very collaborated decision though I must give kudos to Eric for suggesting the first song (with one of the trio specifically in mind to sing lead) and when she heard what the song was she said 'I've always LOVED that song - let's do it!' which gave us a big boost! So, just like SY1 there'll be a mix of tracks where all three ladies will sing a full lead and the rest of the album will be either triple leads or duets. On the subject of duets, both Eric & I have been scratching our heads since deciding to make the CD - trying to find a great male lead to do a love song duet with one of the ladies and just last week Eric found the guy, I suggested the song and now everyone is really excited about how this new version of a Motown classic is going to sound. Again, I'm not saying who he is other than he's a true Motowner, a very distinctive vocalist and the ladies have worked with him previously. So get your thinking caps on - the ladies have worked with a lot of Motown singers and acts since FLOS began in 1985..!

While I'm in LA we'll be doing a new photo-shoot specifically for the CD booklet. Between the ladies, Eric, David and I there's a lot of previously unseen pictures that we'll also be including, depending on how much space is available in the booklet! This time round we want the booklet to have double the pages that are in SY1 - so we'll have room to include lots of interesting text and images. That's what really sells CD's these days - okay, you can download the tracks but you can't download the booklet and believe me, we have lots of stuff you'll want to see!

This marks the first FLOS release with lovely Joyce Vincent. It's such a pity she didn't get her 'Supreme' spotlight as we all expected back in 1977. For whatever reason, the time wasn't right, but now it is! Joyce has a beautiful, tender and sensual timbre and it's going to be very evident when you hear just how beautifully Scherrie, Lynda & Joyce blend together. It's simply SUPREME!

Not long now...

Stoned Love,
Steve Weaver


August 28th - September 15th 2012 - We are so excited to announce that Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence and Joyce Vincent will be in the studio recording vocals for their new CD "Supremely Yours II" August 28th -September 15th 2012.  This is the Ladies' first CD with Joyce, and we know you are going to love it!


July 3, 2012- Are you ready to "Let Yourself Go?"   Order Scherrie Payne's new single produced by Rick Gianatos it's available on iTunes and amazon.com.