Diana Ross and The Supremes
Diana Ross, Scherrie Payne, and Lynda Laurence

In The Summer Of 2000, former Supremes, Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence had the pleasure of uniting with the legendary Diana Ross on the Diana Ross and The Supremes "Return To Love" Tour.  The tour's many highlights included appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "VH1 Divas Live 2000," "The View," "The Today Show," and amazing live performances at "The Philadelphia Spectrum" and New York's "Madison Square Garden."

Supremes     Diana Ross & THE SUPREMES     The Supremes 2000 Oprah Show
(Photo 1 and 2 ) April 4,  2000 Grand Central Station.  Diana Ross &The Supremes announce their Summer Tour
(Photo 3) Diana Ross and The Supremes backstage after their Oprah Winfrey appearance

The Supremes Divas live     The Supremes Reflections     The Supreems "Stop In The Name of Love"
(Photo 4) Divas Live 2000 "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart"
(Photo 5) Opening Night "Reflections" at the Philadelphia Spectrum
(Photo 6 ) "Stop In The Name Of Love" Madison Square Garden" (Jim Saphin Collection)

      The Supremes     
(Photo 7) Scherrie, Diana, and Lynda (promotional photo)
(Photo 8) Diana Ross & The Supremes working their magic on-stage!
(Photo 9) Diana Ross and The Supremes 

   Stop in the name of Love    
(Photo 10) Diana Ross & The Supremes on stage
(Photo 11) The Today Show's Summer Concert Series
(Photo 12) Scherrie performing her solo "Stoned Love" (Jim Saphin Collection)

Lynda performing her solo   Finale
(Photo 13) Lynda performing her solo "Up The Ladder To The Roof"
(Photo 14) Diana Ross & The Supremes concert finale!